Swedish electronic mega-store Uusp now in capital city

Fredericton — Shoppers are revelling at the news that the popular electronics giant Uusp is gracing New Brunswick with its affordable, DIY (do-it-yourself) electronics. Husbands looking to impress their significant others can purchase easy-to-put-together television sets, and families can get affordable computers for their children moving into college dorms.

In a soft open Monday night, Uusp had no advertisement or official announcements about their new location. The comforting warm glow of their sign on the old Future Shop building alerted passerby that savings are on the way. Word spread like wildfire over social media, as nearby stores such as Hopper’s Rug Art welcomed their new neighbours down the road.

“I hope this brings even more jobs into the area. We have too many 20-somethings just sitting around, fiddling with their student loans because they can’t find work,” said Justin Hopper, rug artisan.

But not everyone is happy about the new business. Some say the province should have legislation prioritizing new startups rather than allowing mega-corporations likes McDoas and Sobs to take up real-estate space that sucks money out of the hands of New Brunswickers.

“When we have big international companies coming in, even some of the national companies, they don’t care about New Brunswick or our people. They are here to make a quick buck, pay our youth minimum wage, and not invest a cent into growing the local economy,” said local serial entrepreneur Grant Reese.

Uusp’s spokespeople could not be reached for comment. Local marketing experts speculate that having no website or social media presence is a new form of viral marketing intended to build intrigue.

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