10 cool, fun things to do while in quarantine in New Brunswick

10 cool, fun things to do while in quarantine in New Brunswick

New Brunswick — We at The Manatee know that everyone is probably getting a little bit stir-crazy being stuck at home for so long. Some people are even self-isolating at home with their kids — that must be awful.

So, we want to a beacon of hope for our fellow New Brunswickers and thus have created this comprehensive list of super-fun ideas to keep you occupied and entertained while trapped in your house.

1: Drink beer: Domestic beer, international beer, craft beer — whatever ya got, drink it up and enjoy the night — or morning, we’re not judging.

2: Drink wine: Want to feel classy while indulging? Nothing makes you feel more like a debutante than a glass of a sparkling white or red.

3: Drink whisky: Or a rye-whisky blend, whatever floats your boat. We know a few glasses of Crown will make you forget all about the life you once knew.

4: Drink vodka: If you’re in a situation where you need to hide your alcohol intake, vodka is the perfect thing for you. For you athletes out there, put it in a water bottle and no one will even know the difference when they see the Instagram picture of you with your bottle on the treadmill.

5: Drink champagne: A totally acceptable way to drink alcohol for breakfast? Mimosas, baby!

6: Drink more beer: We know you still have an extra stash somewhere. Maybe check the basement?

7: Drink tequila: Looking for a wild night that you won’t remember? Shots of this will surely do the trick.

8: Drink Baileys: Another clever and delicious way to sneak a drink into your morning routine is by adding this delicious ingredient to your coffee.

9: Drink scotch: Maybe you want to take it slow and steady and make your drink last throughout the day? If so, there’s no better way than a nice glass of double malt — it’s barely even drinkable!

10: Smoke weed: When all else fails, or you run out of everything in the house, spark this up and forget all life’s worries.

When you’ve gone through this fun list of things to do, remember that NB Liquor is somehow considered to be an essential service — Thanks, Higgs! So, put on some gloves and a mask, grab your hand sanitizer, and head out to restock.

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