A&W to serve 'Awareness Rings'

Moncton — A&W has stepped up their game recently, catering to the the ever-growing “organic” demographic by promoting their meat and poultry as being “ethically raised without the use of steroids and antibiotics.”

This is an impressive feat for a fast-food franchise, given the stark reality of the “mystery meat” reputation associated with most of the establishments. But A&W isn’t stopping there in their effort to serve more than just a great-tasting burger. For the month of February, all New Brunswick A&Ws will be serving “Awareness Rings” — onion rings that send a message of  awareness to customers through the iconic ribbon shape that we see peppered throughout our towns and cities, whether in the form of a purple pendant or classic car magnet.

As Tina Houlton, assistant manager at the restaurant’s Mountain Road location, describes: “It’s that same famous onion ring recipe that our customers can’t get enough of, but shaped like awareness ribbons. We think it’s a good thing for customers to become more aware and probably good for awareness itself.”

“We are ready to serve them now but in the fall we didn’t want to steal the spotlight from Mustache-vember or whatever it is,” she explained.

The team at A&W on Plaza Boulevard is enthusiastic about taking part in this awareness initiative. “I’ve seen a lot of people around wearing all kinds of ribbons and I think it’s pretty cool that we’ll be doing that too,” said part-time kitchen staffer Troy McCaven. “It’s like giving back to the community and to awareness, you know?”

A&W will be serving Awareness Rings until the end of the month, with $1 of the proceeds being donated to awareness from purchases made between 2 and 3 p.m. every Wednesday.

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