BINGO: Harvest Jazz & Blues edition

BINGO: Harvest Jazz & Blues edition

Fredericton — It’s that time of year, folks: the season when our little town shines in all its glory; when you try to avoid your drunk co-workers by taking the longest route from shows to the Porta Potties.

Below is a BINGO game to get you into the spirit of the Harvest season. Print it off and play with your friends! Helpful hint: drinking an Alpine for every space covered is highly encouraged.


A hug from your friend’s drunk mom A local band member sporting their own merch A free beer cozy A local Radio DJ who knows nothing about the bands they are introducing Someone still trying to find the Hoodoo tent
Someone spending a yellow token on a Moosehead An incoherent
A pretentious hipster complaining that last year’s line-up was SO much better A heated political discussion in the Porta Potty line An idiot trying to hide from volunteers as they clear the tents between shows
Some out-of-place ravers Someone throwing devil horns while getting a picture in front of the giant Moose Light can FREE SPACE Uncomfortable girl declining a dance with your incoherent co-worker Middle-aged man decked head to toe in Harvest merch from the nineties
An acquaintance from high school you really don’t want to talk to Panicked volunteers who didn’t know what they were getting into Someone covering Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” Your unemployed friend taking in “Free Harvest,” paper bag in hand Someone who clearly won’t be able to finish that plate of curly fries
A political figure in a volunteer shirt…you know… helping the community A tourist mentioning how “cute” Queen Street is A crowd avoiding eye contact with buskers trying to get participants A child overwhelmed by fire spinners Getting turned down for a cab to the North Side

Happy Harvest!

  1. Having driven for Trius for years, that North Side comment makes the whole game!


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