Blocked aunt still somehow able to send Farmville requests

Grand Manan — Despite having fallen victim to the blocking feature within Facebook’s security settings, a Grand Manan man’s aunt has slipped through the cracks and is still able to send requests to her nephew for Farmville, a popular Facebook gaming application. Ryan Pellerin, who works as a back-end developer for an IT firm in Saint John, says he inevitably chose to block his elderly aunt about 2 months ago as a result of receiving the game requests at a rate of about once per day.

“I love my entire family, but ever since I set my great-aunt Gladys up with her own Facebook account, she won’t stop sending me requests for Farmville and other annoying applications nobody my age plays. I have to take a ferry from the island every morning and this is first notification I get every day. I made the decision about 8 weeks ago to block her from my Facebook, but somehow the requests keep coming in,” explained Pellerin, who currently has an open ticket with Facebook’s customer support staff in Palo Alto, Calif.

Thankfully, we were able to reach Ryan’s aunt for a brief interview in between games of Farmville. “I just love this here Farmhouse game, and since Ryan works in computers I just know he’ll have a dandy of a time playing it too,” explained Gladys MacLeod, 73, to The Manatee’s news staff early Monday morning. She went on to say, “He even put the Facebook on my iPad so I can play it on the chesterfield, when I’m taking my back pill, or even in the tub with a Ziploc bag over it.”

Pellerin says the most troubling part of his seemingly “first-world problem” is that the 28-year-old holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of New Brunswick and still cannot solve this Facebook mystery despite his impressive collection of academic accolades.

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