Bouctouche man found alive in Saint John pothole after missing for 3 days

Bouctouche man found alive in Saint John pothole after missing for 3 days

Saint John — After missing for three days, a New Brunswick man was located in a large Saint John pothole by road construction crews early Tuesday. Fifty-three-year-old George Shetluck of Bouctouche, N.B. was heard banging on the roof of his Toyota Yaris.

Shetluck reportedly fell into a large pothole on Charlotte Street in Saint John’s uptown late Saturday night, trapping himself inside the vehicle. According to Shetluck, traffic continued to drive over him despite his constant screams and roof-banging.

Construction crews arrived at the scene around 9 a.m. Tuesday to prep the potholes with asphalt when they heard the Acadian man cursing in Chiac. Phil McCracken was one of the construction workers on the scene.

“We get down there and all the sudden I hear this voice saying something about a church tabernacle,” McCracken said, “but then someone pulled out a Chiac to English dictionary and, well, it was bad.”

McCracken said it took about five cases of Moosehead, two workers and 20 minutes to pull the red Yaris out of the hole. Luckily for Schetluck, he passed by the Dollarama hours before getting stuck and had enough supplies to stay alive for three days.

“I survive on the ripple chips, Island bars, jujubes and cream soda,” Shetluck said. “How do you English do it?”

Due to the weekend ordeal, Shetluck says that he never wishes to visit the Saint John area again.

“Are you kidding? You try to kill me wit your potholes! Frippe mes balles! Why would I put myself through that again?”

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