Bus riders suggest ways to improve Saint John transit service

Bus riders suggest ways to improve Saint John transit service

Saint John — While some Port City bus riders might feel like they are travelling in a limo that’s 40 feet long, it seems that many more have several suggestions on how to make the city’s bus service better.

And, while some ideas are more practical than others, the Transit Authority says it’s listening to all feedback. In fact, it just launched an online survey to gather first-hand feedback from its ridership.

The Manatee approached Saint Johners as well to get their ideas on how to improve the bus service. While many were thankful to have the bus service and thought highly of the drivers, they were full of suggestions on how it could be better.

“First of all, it should be a lot more comfortable,” suggested millennial Brittany Rouler. “Having better seats padded like a car would be easier on the butt.

“Some of the other riders freak me out a bit,” she continued. “It can be a bit intimidating at times. So, maybe they should have, like…smaller buses that just fit two or three people, and have a lot more of them. I’d like to have some more privacy, or I could even have the entire small bus to myself. I could sit in back and driver could be up front. That would be a lot better!

“Finally, it should pick me up at home — or wherever I am at — instead of at bus stops,” said Rouler. “And, it should come whenever I want so I don’t have to worry about a ‘schedule’ or whatever. Millennials like me don’t want to be tied down like that. So, like come to me when I need you, not when you want me to be there.

“I should be able to tell it to come by calling it on a phone. Or, how about with an app? That would be awesome!”

“It sounds like you’re talking about a taxi,” said The Manatee reporter.

“Ooh, yes! That’s a great idea, buses should be more like taxis. Or, an Uber would be even better. Or like my own personal car even!”

“And, they should be free. I mean like, what am I paying taxes for?”

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