Calais, Maine beats Moncton as NB's top winter getaway destination

New Brunswick — It’s that time of year again: flu season is over, business lulls make it easy to get time off work, and it’s pretty darn cold — which means many New Brunswickers are looking south for a nice winter getaway.

But where are NBers going to spend the money they got for Christmas?

A recent survey asked residents where they will travel to escape the cold this season, and the province favourite was none other than Calais, Maine, with Moncton, N.B. as a close second. Those who voted Calais were so passionate about their choice that they wrote in to The Manatee to let us know just how they felt:

“Everyone wants their winter getaway to be a great conversation piece,” explained Sheryl Lewis of Bathurst. “When I go to Calais, I get to compare the American border guards to the Canadian ones. Right there, I can be sure I’ll have the best story at the party.”

“Calais has been our February vacation spot for years now,” wrote Peter Buckley of Campbellton. “You can dine fine at Calais House of Pizza — 18-inch round! Can’t find that in N.B.”

Bob Hachet of St. Stephen wrote: “I go for the shopping. Milk’s 30 cents cheaper accross the border, so that’s a no-brainer. Bags of chips are the same price as ours, only their bags are way bigger! Plus you can buy Cherry Coke and all your favourite kids’ cereals that violate Canadian nutrition laws.”

“I like to get away from the hotel and really get in deep with the locals,” wrote Diane Trembley. “So, I just go to the Walmart — you can get beer at Walmart in Calais! Culture shock!”

The Manatee also recieved written comments on Moncton — and it’s no wonder the big city finished so close to Calais. Home to the semi-recently installed casino, the province-renowned Champlain Place mall, and the resting place of the late Crystal Palace, Moncton has long been a winter getaway favourite for many New Brunswickers.

“The wife and I drive down every February. We pack our swimsuits and find a hotel with a nice public pool,” explained Freddy Johnston of Kedgwick. “Add sunglasses and a couple of margaritas, and it’s not hard to pretend we’re in Calais.”

“It’s all about the casino,” wrote Jessica Boyles of Red Rapids. “My boyfriend and I just got back from our vacation. We missed The Frequency on Friday night, but I managed to win 32 bucks at the slots, so Frequency who? Right?”

“Moncton’s got something for the whole family,” wrote Tony Biggs of Saint John. “Plus with the city’s ‘state of emergency’ being declared this morning, I really just want to get the heck out of here.”


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