Canadians all assumed Prince Harry engaged to Spike from ‘Degrassi,’ or possibly Sara from ‘Road to Avonlea’

Canadians all assumed Prince Harry engaged to Spike from ‘Degrassi,’ or possibly Sara from ‘Road to Avonlea’

Atlantic Canada — Prince Harry’s engagement has been all over the news lately, with the media reporting that the 33-year-old royal is set to wed an actress from Canada.

As royal gossip in no way impacts any Canadians, most of us — on the East Coast, anyway — just assumed he was marrying someone from one of the two Canadian shows we all grew up watching. It seems no one even took the time to Google it.

The Manatee hit the streets of the Maritimes to gather locals’ thoughts.

“Those were the only Canadian actresses I could think of off the top of my head. We just heard he was marrying a Canadian actress so I figured it had to be one of those two women,” said 34-year-old Tara Brewer of Zealand, N.B. “Growing up, my TV only picked up three channels…good ol’ country cable. When I was younger we’d watch Road to Avonlea after school, and when I got a bit older my parents let us watch Degrassi, and then CTV news with supper.”

“I don’t know their real names, but I think — now, don’t quote me on this — I think he’s marryin’ that one with the funny hair from Degrassi High, or the nice blonde one from Road to Avonlea,” mused Roberta Jennings of Summerside, P.E.I. “I always preferred Aunt Olivia from Avonlea, but I think she must be a bit too old for Harry.”

“I could see him with Spike for sure,” said Danny Fogerty of St. John’s, NL. “He’s a bad boy, and she was a little rough around the edges. That Sara Stanley was always a little too much of a goody-goody…come to think of it, she might make a good match for the older prince. William or whatever his name is.”

Nova Scotians mostly held identical beliefs about Harry’s wedding, the only exception being that a few thought he was marrying Lucy or maybe Trinity from Trailer Park Boys.

At press time, no one knew or cared to whom the young prince is actually engaged.

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