Cancel the egg scramble too, say animal rights advocates

Cancel the egg scramble too, say animal rights advocates

Petitcodiac — Using language that would fry bacon, animal rights advocates are decrying the “Egg Scramble” — a beloved annual event at Westmorland County Agricultural Fair.

Calls to end the shell shock come only days after similar pleas to end the “Pig Scramble” at the same event. The pig scramble is a longstanding tradition at the farming fair, where children enter a pen and attempt to capture a piglet. The 25 children who catch the swift swine can take them home to raise, and like other farm animals the hogs will eventually be sold or slaughtered.

Now, animal rights advocates are making a similar plea to stop the another county fair tradition — the annual “egg scramble.” Each year, the farmers bring fresh eggs to the fair, and hundreds of shells are shattered for the breakfast banquet. Animal rights advocates are pushing to stop the frying of the favourite food, saying that eating eggs is passé.

“There’s no reason to eat chicken eggs in this day and age,” says egg advocate Shelley McKrackin. “Not only are they unhealthy, but the raising of chickens for egg harvesting is cruel. Bacon is murder, eggs are murder, hamburgers are murder, milk and cheese are kinda murder… pretty much the whole farming industry is murder-ish in some way.”

Fair president Carl Esterol says the animal advocates won’t be happy until their entire meal is ruined. “First they came for our bacon and sausage, now they are coming for our eggs. What’s next? Our bagels? Our cottage cheese and yogurt? It’s a goddamned liberal war on breakfast, I’d say!”

The activists have set up a protest on the other side of the street from the fair. Despite being invited to partake in the breakfast feast, the protesters would not cross the road to get to the other side.

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