Capital city hall buys out Pleasures N' Treasures supply to earn spot on a 'Top City' list

Fredericton — Fredericton is trying its hardest to bring sexy back. The small city recently made No. 21 in’s “Canada’s Top Sexiest City” list, a study that rates cities based on the number of sex toys purchased.

As it turns out, it’s not the residents who like to get their kink on, but rather, city hall. In its ever-increasing attempts at making a more marketable city to attract new businesses and immigrants, city officials decided to use some of the tourism marketing budget to buy almost all of the stock at the local sexerie parlour Pleasures N’ Treasures.

“Our city prides itself on having bragging rights to put in ads and pamphlets. ‘Canada’s First Wireless City’ is getting old now, and we needed something current and spicy that will really grab your attention,” explained Carol Dewitt, one of the employees in charge of marketing for the city.

“We have a lot of leeway with the budget to do what we think is best. We didn’t break any rules,” she added.

She’s right — the city officials won’t be the ones keeping the purchased sex toys. “We don’t want the toys to go to waste, so we generously donated them to homeless people around the city,” said Dewitt, with a smile that bore an uncanny resemblance to that of Mother Theresa.

The owner of Pleasures N’ Treasures, Gene Lesin, said that partnering with the city was a no-brainer.

“We made money off the deal, it puts us on the map, maybe brings some new customers, and homeless people get to explore some new moves between the sheets. It’s really a win for everyone,” he said from behind the store counter, while The Manatee‘s red-faced reporter awkwardly tried his hardest to only look at Levin, and not at the surrounding movie covers, costumes and paraphernalia.

“We just hope that we get our next shipment in time for 50 Shades of Grey hitting theatres,” added Levin.

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