City of Fredericton supplements transit union salaries with ‘party bus’ rentals

City of Fredericton supplements transit union salaries with ‘party bus’ rentals

Fredericton — The city of Fredericton and the transit union reached a tentative agreement Saturday morning after a month of negations. It was decided that the city would supplement the workers’ income by renting out the public transport as “party buses” from 11 p.m. on.

This new strategy was put into effect Saturday night when a group of women rented the 11S Prospect for a bachelorette party. While the festivities began around midnight, it extended into the morning hours as the bus resumed its regular route. By 8 a.m., the bus was entirely divided between the regular morning passengers on their way to work and school, and the scantily clad, highly intoxicated party-goers.

“We still have 2 hours on our rental,” said 24-year-old attendee Anne Carter. “What, are we going to give those up? Fuck that, biiiiittttchhheessssss — let’s keep this party going!”

With this, she lifted a bejewelled champagne glass to a chorus from cheers from her bitches and groans from the other passengers.

“Tomorrow is Lexie’s big day,” said Carter pointing to a young woman aggressively flirting with an elderly man in the third row. “We wanted to send her off in the classiest way possible.”

Although this effort to raise funds is sure to cause some debate in the coming weeks, the passengers of the 11S Prospect seem to be largely OK with it.

“All and all, it’s not really that bad,” said longtime commuter Jenna Bray, ignoring the big purple penis balloon floating by her face. “I mean, usually I prefer my ride to work to be a little more quiet — but ultimately, I support the unions.”

  1. Perhaps between the two agencies of discussion, the Fredericton Transit ‘MIGHT’ consider making use of an inclusive service and ALLOWING other-than-able-bodied children/adults on the bus too! Oh, and maybe, just maybe, Sunday service and/or STAT service … still dreaming of a welcoming, inclusive public transit service … without having to hire …


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