City of Miramichi to put little house above Morrissy Bridge on housing market

Miramichi — If you’re looking for a great deal on a house or apartment this winter season, look no further than Miramichi’s Morrissy Bridge. The idea has bounced around the city for more than 5 years and city council has finally made the decision to sell (or at the very least rent out) the little house perched above this Northern New Brunswick historical landmark.

According to Wikipedia, the only trusted source for all things journalism, the Morrissy bridge opened in 1914, named after the honourable John Morrissy. It was touted as “one of the greatest structures in the province” and was the first structure to link Newcastle with the south side of the river now known as Chatham Head. Today, this title is of course owned by the giant tyrannical potato in Maugerville, N.B.

MBridgeUnfortunately, the damage brought forth by numerous ship collisions, as well as teenagers taking the Chatham driver’s education course desperately trying to cross the narrow pathway and repeatedly hitting the guard rails, the city was forced to close the bridge on Sept. 12, 2008.

The little house above the bridge is being described by a local real estate agent as “a cozy, candle-heated, fixer-upper with a view.”

“It’s a real treat for anyone looking for a some childhood nostalgia. Remember when you used to build little forts in the living room with your cousin? Well, it’s exactly like that only it’s not heated, it overlooks an abandoned, polluted field where the mill used to be, and instead of a floor, there is no floor,” explained Phillip Jardine of Allied Realty early Wednesday morning.

The price tag on the house is expected to be north of $60,000, or a possible recurring rent of about $750 (nothing included). Be sure to keep your eyes on the local Miramichi listings this winter season.

  1. Beats living under a bridge I suppose…


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