Co-worker who ‘actually likes the cold’ just needs to shut up already

Co-worker who ‘actually likes the cold’ just needs to shut up already

Fredericton — Endless cold snaps of -25?C and continuous dumps of snow have certainly been the headlines for New Brunswick’s 2018 winter, and while avid skiers and pond hockey players have enjoyed portions of it, the bitter chill seems to have outlasted its welcome for most.

“I took the wife and kids out snow shoeing a couple times this winter. The pictures turned out nice, but I’ve had my fill of the great outdoors until all this snow melts and the temperature goes up 30 or 40 degrees,” Frederictonian Connor Ingram told The Manatee while on his lunch break from his government position on King Street.

We met up with him while taking refuge ourselves from the bitter cold inside of Tim Hortons, where Ingram, along with dozens of others, was huddled over a cup of coffee trying to thaw out his face.

While he’s certainly not alone in his thinking, evidently not everyone shares his view on this desolate time of year.

“It’s the common hatred for the cold that brings us all together, I think,” he continued. “No pun intended, but it’s the perfect ice-breaker, you know? Like ‘How about this cold, eh?’ or ‘Some frosty out there in’it?’ But you always find that one jackass who needs to be different. Take for instance Max [name omitted] who works in my finance department. That guy is a real prick. Every time I come into work, rosy red and freezing, he’s always got this shit-eating grin on his face.”

Ingram went on to explain just how much of a jackass his co-worker really is, saying that he revels in the cold and that he was even disappointed by Groundhog Day’s results.

“And another thing,” he continued, “he’s always got his office window open, so everyone else has to suffer through the cold alongside of him. I swear one time I walked by his office though and he was wearing a toque and a sweater, so I think he’s doing it just for the sake of doing it.”

It is the opinion of both Ingram and The Manatee that Max [name omitted] really does need to just shut up.

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