Creepy clown sighted in Fredericton

Creepy clown sighted in Fredericton

Fredericton — Multiple reports of “creepy clown” sightings have Fredericton Police warning citizens to avoid the Prospect Street area.

Officer Steve “Big” McAllen provided The Manatee with insight about the developing situation. “We’ve known of this clown for some time,” he said, “and have just recently concluded from lab analysis that he has been slowly feeding poison to Fredericton residents over the course of many years.”

“It’s a grimacing situation for sure,” said local motorist Birdie Earlman. “In my years living in these parts we’ve been alerted to quite a few random burglars, but after this whole clown thing, I think I’ll be driving by and not thru.”

McAllen asks that Frederictonians stay clear of 1177 Prospect St. and surrounding areas until the uptown spot is deemed safe.

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