CyberNB to be hub of best ‘Cyber Monday’ deals in Canada

CyberNB to be hub of best ‘Cyber Monday’ deals in Canada

New Brunswick — The newly announced “CyberNB” is intended to make New Brunswick “the best jurisdiction around the world for Cyber Monday deals.” Early Tuesday Premier Brian Gallant announced at a press conference that the new initiative, led by Allen Dillon, will be a content aggregator website such as Buzzfeed, but one that exclusively lists the hottest deals for Cyber Monday, which falls on Nov. 28 of this year.

“Our province is struggling, I’ll admit that. But we have skills, and those skills will be essential to CyberNB,” said Gallant.

“We will be browsing the web, finding the best deals on electronics come November, and visitors will come far and wide to our website, clicking our links and generating revenue through affiliate links and ads to websites like Amazon and Newegg. Hashtag innovation, hashtag NBproud,” elaborated Gallant, crossing his index and middle fingers on both hands in a hashtag shape. Behind him, a large screen showed a live map of Internet purchases around the world.

Dillon, former CEO of Sentrant Security, said that online businesses are the future. “I got an email saying that someone I know is making $600 a day selling from home through affiliate marketing. $600 a day! That’s better than my CEO salary. So I forwarded it to Brian, quit my job, and we came up with CyberNB. New Brunswick’s pristine future in the digital age… a shining beacon of hope to tech-savvy online shoppers,” rambled Dillon.

Gallant would not comment on how much CyberNB would cost the province, but did offer a rare glimpse into the logical processes of his brain.

“Do you think the people who created Etsy, Ebay, or Napster sat around asking ‘how much will this cost our province?’ Hell no! They invested in their future, and look where they are now!” said Gallant, not knowing where “they” are now.

One of the goals of CyberNB is to establish a Canadian Institute for Cyber Monday deals in the province, but the federal government has yet to sign on that.

“You’ll be hearing more news about this as it comes,” Dillon said. “I know I’m excited to save up to $29.99 on a 50-inch curved 4K TV by LG so close to Christmas. I can’t pre-announce any specific deals, but I’m very positive on the potential savings.”

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