Dancing seniors prove horror of impending death can be manageable

Dancing seniors prove horror of impending death can be manageable

Saint John — With the growing popularity of films such as Gotta Dance and Young at Heart, there appears to be an increasing sentiment that teetering toward the inevitable abyss is no longer a point of shame.

Sasha McPherson, 25, leads dance classes at a number of retirement homes in the Saint John area.

“These guys can really move!” she exclaimed. “It really makes it hit home: if they can have a good time despite being pulled by the ankles, kicking and screaming, into the bosom of the Dark Prince, what excuse do we have?”

Rebecca Trainor, 26, teaches dance along with McPherson and also loves to share images and memes featuring senior citizens on social media. “Old people are so cute,” she said.

For Trainor, gerontology is not simply a hobby; it is personal. “My grandmother was once actually an old person herself. And then she died.”

Trainor claims that each class she and McPherson teach provides her with a deep sense of catharsis. “It’s really a lovely thing. It warms the cock of my heart.”

Assuming she meant to say “cockles,” The Manatee gave Rebecca the opportunity to correct herself. She declined.

No senior citizens wished to comment for this article. They unanimously decried the piece as “condescending” and “lowest-common-denominator hack journalism,” which Manatee staff all agreed to be adorable.

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