Divorce imminent for couple divided over vanilla versus chocolate Deep’n Delicious cake

Divorce imminent for couple divided over vanilla versus chocolate Deep’n Delicious cake

Fredericton — A local couple may be calling it quits after a major spat over which kind of McCain Deep’n Delicious cake is best.

Jessica and Mike Davis say their differences may be irreconcilable.

“Usually we get along great — we have a lot in common, we spend all our time together,” said Jessica. “We got married earlier this summer, and honestly it never occurred to me that he might be one of those ‘chocolate’ guys. That’s the worst kind of McCain cake, if you ask me. The icing tastes like shit.”

The couple met on Tinder, and neither of them thought to explicitly state their Deep’n Delicious predilections on their profiles or during their initial few dates.

“She likes that vanilla one — I found out the hard way,” grumbled Mike, crossing his arms. “We were getting groceries and she said, ‘I think we deserve a treat. We’ve been good.’ Before you knew it we were in the frozen foods aisle in a full-out screaming match.”

Other shoppers witnessed the fight, and could relate to the familiar tension.

“Rookie mistake, getting involved with someone who likes the wrong cake,” said Heather LeBlanc. “Imagine dating someone for a while and then they bring home the vanilla one? Like, what do you do? Should you just break up then and there? There’s no simple answer to that question.”

“Can’t they just split the difference and get marble?” asked observer Beth Titus. “Or get one of each? I mean, it’s not like one of them suggested that nasty new coconut one…that would make this whole situation a heck of a lot worse.”

In a written statement, McCain Foods maintained that they cannot be held responsible for any altercations relating to or resulting from the popular Maritime dessert. The company officially recommends that couples be open about their Deep’n Delicious flavour preferences from the outset, to avoid the same tragedy.


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