Dorian spurs first cleanup in Dartmouth and Saint John in years

Dorian spurs first cleanup in Dartmouth and Saint John in years

Atlantic Canada — Hurricane Dorian has come and gone and left its mark on Atlantic Canadian cities that are now trying to clean up the mess. But residents of Dartmouth, N.S. and Saint John, N.B. are left feeling optimistic as it’s the first time in decades the cities have cleaned up anything at all.

“There’s garbage all over the place, it smells disgusting and it’s gross to even look outside,” detailed Dartmouth local Frank Hosie, referring to how the area normally looks. “It’s even worse now since the hurricane. But, at least that’s made someone want to do something about it, finally. This is the first time I haven’t seen a Sobeys shopping cart on my lawn in about eight years or so.”

Dartmouth isn’t the only place getting a much-needed cleanup. Crews have been hard at work all across Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick since Dorian hit last weekend with high winds and torrential rainfall.

Saint John Mayor Don Darling said he is somewhat worried that the city may risk losing its identity if it becomes too clean.

“We have a solid reputation to uphold,” he declared. “We don’t want to lose sight of who we are and become like those snobs in Fredericton who think they’re better than everyone. People love coming to our city to feel better about themselves and to not have to worry about being perfect — or even mediocre — all the time. So, let’s not get too crazy with his cleanup.”

Darling went on to tell reporters that he’s been asking crews working in the Port City to be careful when picking up trash.

“I’m telling them to only pick up new garbage — not the garbage that was there before the hurricane. Seeing garbage in the city is all part of the experience. It’s as much a part of Saint John as the terrible smell and fog.”

Our reporter found that Yarmouth, Halifax, Sydney, Summerside and St. Stephen were also hit hard by Dorian, and are in the midst of a huge cleanup effort.


Upon further investigation, The Manatee has discovered that St. Stephen in fact was not hit by the hurricane at all — it apparently always looks that way.

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