Efficiency NB launches new political energy recycling program

Efficiency NB launches new political energy recycling program

New Brunswick — As part of its efforts to make New Brunswick a world leader in energy efficiency, including saving energy wasted by politicians and civil servants, Efficiency New Brunswick has launched its new Political Energy Recycling Program, or PERP.

After Finance Minister Cathy Rogers successfully recycled entire chunks of speeches by Brian Gallant and Bill Fraser on Tuesday, the government decided to continue reusing all pre-existing announcements, speeches and documents indefinitely.

“We’re really, really, really excited about the launch of this program, which we’ve even used for this announcement,” says Premier Brian Gallant. “For example, in my first quote, we reused ‘really’ three times to save energy and to make sure we’re using as much space as possible on printed versions of this release, maximizing our political benefit.”

Gallant says New Brunswickers can also expect the new PERP program to result in media release reuse. “We’re just going to change the headline, adjust some dates and swap some minister names and we can reuse the same announcement at least 10 times,” he explained.

New Brunswickers we spoke with seemed not to understand what, if anything, will be changing.

“I assumed they’d been recycling, reusing, plagiarizing — whatever you wanna call it — their speeches for years,” said Harold Deveau of Saint John. “At least, it always sounds the same to me: lies, lies, bullshit, nonsense, false promises, and repeat.”

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