Elusive Codiac Transpo spotted in Greater Moncton area

Elusive Codiac Transpo spotted in Greater Moncton area

Moncton — According to one eyewitness and a blurry photo taken of what appears to be a city bus long thought to be extinct, new hope is being raised that the rare and majestic public mass transit system may still be roaming the Hub City’s streets.

Local Ann Brooks said she caught a glimpse of the mythical city bus as she was leaving her apartment on Mountain Road. “For a second I couldn’t believe my eyes. I heard stories there was such a thing here, but I never believed them and never dreamed I’d be the one telling the story.”

Brooks said that after overcoming the initial shock from thinking she was witnessing some sort of ghostly apparition, she quickly took out her phone and snapped an image of the fleeting public transportation vehicle but was too late to take a clear image.

Although encouraging to some, Brooks’ claim has also been met with skepticism and even scorn. “I don’t believe it for a second,” said Moncton man Tony Mathis. “People have been making up these bus stories for years. That picture she took is probably just an RV or something — she’s just another bullshitter nut-job trying to get attention.”

Brooks, however, vehemently denies any such accusation. “I’ve never been a person who exaggerates or believes in things because I want them to be true!” she exclaimed. “But I’m quite certain that what I saw was a Codiac Transpo bus, and I think I may have even seen a passenger in there.”

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