Environment Canada issues extreme cold warning for New Brunswick

New Brunswick – Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for most of New Brunswick. The agency, along with practically every New Brunswick Facebook user, wants the public to know that it’s cold outside – really cold.

A statement released early Tuesday morning stated “It’s super cold out right now and we wanted to warn you about it. It’ll be windy, and probably stay cold for a long time.” Environment Canada suggests that the public keep a close eye on their Facebook and Twitter news feeds to stay up to date on exactly how cold it is.

th42FMHVNXThe Manatee opted out of interviewing anyone as it was much too cold for reporting staff to be out in the field, and instead relied on extensively searching Twitter for quotes from local residents. We found that N.B. Twitter users have been trying to relay appropriate quips to capture how cold it is since the temperature started to drastically drop Monday afternoon.

@Freddytown4life tweeted: “It’s so cold I think my toes will literally fall off. #literally #notfiguratively #cold

@StJohnStud wrote: “If I stuck my tongue to a pole right now it would be stuck there forever. #socold #brrrrrrrr #anyonehaveapole

@StanleyBullDogGirl said: “It’s as cold as it must be when Elsa freezes the world #frozen #letitgo #elsa #notanna

@PositivefromPetticotiac wrote: “Whooo-hooo. It’s cold enough for me to try out my new socks I got for Christmas! #thanksmom

Environment Canada expects the extreme cold to last until it gets warmer out, and suggests that people take the appropriate precautions until then. “We want to reiterate the fact that it’s really cold right now,” expressed Janice Polchies from the agency. “Everyone should wear coats and things to keep warm with. That’s what we suggest – do things to stay warm.”

  1. such in depth coverage on a crucial topic. some cold out. God.. freezing. really really cold. brrr.

  2. Kory d'Entremont January 7, 2015, 6:21 pm

    This article forgot to cover that cold causes frostbite and it feels colder when you’re standing in the wind without a jacket.


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