Five-year-old child recalled by mother due to 2018 contamination

Five-year-old child recalled by mother due to 2018 contamination

Moncton — It has proven to be a tough week for grocery vendors, after several packaged food items were taken off the shelves over potential health violations.

Along these same lines, one Moncton mother announced Saturday that she would be recalling her son, Bradley, due to his probable contamination after coming into contact with the year 2018.

The Manatee spoke with 32-year-old Sandra Paulson yesterday in her Riverview home about her decision to recall her child. Before speaking, she ushered Bradley over to the far corner of the room to play on his iPad for the duration of the interview.

Paulson said that when she first learned she was pregnant back in late 2012, the world was a “very different place,” and that she had initially felt optimistic about her child’s future.

“Sure, you always worry about what kind of world you’re bringing a child into,” she explained. “But this year…This year has been so bad, I think that any child growing up in this climate is pretty much a lost cause.”

The turning point, she said, was when she noticed that, in his room, Bradley had separated his Barbie and Ken dolls on either side of an artificial dividing line made up of crayons, and locked three small Kelly dolls inside the cat kennel, all while referring to them all as “a bunch of ‘bad hombres.’”

“I knew then that the year had finally gotten to him.”

She wants to make it clear that she has not yet resolved to murder the child, but she is instead taking her time and “weighing her options.”

“I don’t know if a complete disposal is the right solution,” she said, thoughtfully tapping a finger on her bottom lip. “It seems like such a waste.”

It may not have to come to that, she believes, so long as other possibilities remain available to her.

“Well, there are a couple things I can do…I can lock him away in hopes that, in a year or two, things will calm down enough for me to reintroduce him into society.

“He’s a tiny little bugger…he could pass for younger if he needed to get a late start on life.”

This, she admits, might be a little overly hopeful. Shrugging, with a joking tone, she added that if she could “put him back,” she would.

After a moment, she stopped laughing. Quickly glancing towards Bradley, she leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially.

“The doctor and I have been discussing it, though,” she said. “Let’s just say that it’s not completely off the table.”

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