Fredericton boy’s costume to ‘Trump’ all others this Halloween

Fredericton boy’s costume to ‘Trump’ all others this Halloween

Fredericton — It’s that time of year again. Children across the Maritimes have begun gathering materials to put together their scariest and most creative Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating. Costume construction has always been a competitive activity, but an 11-year-old Fredericton boy has one that he believes “Trumps” the rest.

Youngster Johnathan Miller will be sporting a tailored suit, comb-over, and a bigoted outlook on life this Halloween as a pint-sized impression of presidential candidate Donald Trump. His mother, Sheri, describes her son as a “stickler for accuracy,” meaning Williams has been studying up by watching the debates on TV and practising his character for the past few weeks on his family and friends.

His mother added, “We thought it was cute at first, but as soon as he told me that he planned to outsource his house chores to the Chinese kids down the street, I knew we were in for trouble.”

Johnathan’s parents have also received several calls from his middle school informing them of their son’s in-class antics. According to Johnathan’s Grade 6 English teacher, his platform for running for class president mimicked many of the outlandish claims of the U.S. presidential hopeful.

His list of demands included: a wall to be built on the schoolyard separating the popular kids from the rest of the student populous, changing of the school motto from “shaping the minds of the future” to “ignorance is bliss,” and his own personal diplomatic immunity on many school no-no’s, such as PDA (public displays of affection), freedom to speak without hand being raised, and monkey-butt privileges in the cafeteria lunch line.

The Manatee asked Johnathan why he picked this costume. “Trump is a man who gets what he wants, and I want candy. I want all the candy! I really just want to grab this Halloween by the pu–,” he said before his mother’s swift hand clasped over his mouth.

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