Fredericton couple heads to Moncton for ‘exciting’ weekend

Moncton — This past weekend was one to remember for Theresa and Patrick Logan, a Fredericton couple who ditched their kids and responsibilities to embark upon a high-octane weekend of debauchery and glamour in the “sin city” of New Brunswick — Moncton.

“It was a last-minute decision,” said Patrick, who threw the trip together only 3 days before departure. “I got home on Tuesday and looked through my mail and had a letter from Capital One waiting for me. I figured it was my monthly statement and I wasn’t really too keen on seeing what I owed.

“So, I cracked it open a little and peeked inside, but I didn’t see the usual stuff so I tore the whole thing open,” he continued. “I couldn’t believe it actually — they were giving me a credit increase of a couple grand. I was pretty excited to say the least, and immediately knew how I was going to spend my winnings.”

MonctonVacayPatrick immediately called his mother to ask her to watch the kids (5, 4 and 2) for the weekend. “I can’t remember the last time he sounded so excited,” remembered Betty Logan, Patrick’s mother. “He was talking so quickly and before I knew it, I’d agreed to watch my grandkids for the entire weekend.”

Once the babysitting situation had been confirmed, Patrick went ahead and booked a swanky room at one of New Brunswick’s finest lodging establishments: Casino New Brunswick in Moncton. “I got the ‘Stay, Play and Eat’ package, which gave us a great deal on a room, some credits for slots and tickets to their amazing buffet,” he said excitedly.

Theresa was thrilled when her husband let her in on the plans. “He couldn’t wait to tell me. And I couldn’t wait to get out of Fredericton, honestly. Those kids had been getting on my last nerve — I needed this.”

Theresa walked us through how the weekend unfolded. “We left right after we got up on Saturday morning, dropped the kids off and headed towards Moncton. Patrick put together a playlist for the drive, but I got tired of all of the ’90s rock so I popped in the new T Swift — ‘Shake It Off’ is my jam,” she recounted. “We got there too early to check in, so we went right to the mall. I love shopping in Moncton; we pretty well have all the same stores in Fredericton now, but it’s not nearly as fun at home. Fredericton doesn’t have Old Navy though, so we spent a couple hours there before check-in. Then we headed off to the room, checked in and then hit the casino floor — the rest of the weekend was actually kind of a blur.”

Patrick refused to elaborate on his wife’s description. “What happens in Moncton stays in Moncton,” he said, thinking that he was clever. “All I’ll say is that you always — and I mean always — double-down on 11. Moncton baby, Moncton.”

He did, however, tell The Manatee that the weekend away gave him “a new lease on life” and that it gave his marriage “the shot in the arm it sorely needed.”

  1. His winnings… Haha. When I lived in Labrador people ALWAYS talked about how they loved shopping in Moncton (my hometown).


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