Fredericton LGBTQ nightclub against the proliferation of gay culture

Fredericton LGBTQ nightclub against the proliferation of gay culture

Fredericton — Last Saturday’s drag show at the Cellar Pub in Fredericton marked a great moment of change in the acceptance of LGBTQ+ culture on the university campus. While most would agree that this is a positive change, Michael Tibbet, owner and operator of Thrust nightclub, says that this societal shift is severely affecting his bottom line.

“Look, if every bar is a safe, comfortable environment for people who are gay, trans or genderqueer,” he said, “then what the hell do they need us for?”

This week, several local bars began following the Cellar’s lead, hosting small drag competitions among their regular entertainment. Many of these ended abruptly, however, after masked hecklers and vandals began causing damage to the bars.

“I’m not saying it was us,” Tibbet said, winking and nodding conspiratorially, “but whoever did it is a hero of the cause.”

Thrust nightclub began its recent anti-gay campaign by protesting the city’s Pride parade this past August. This trend has continued online with horrific and hateful comments posted through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. These recent actions have garnered them a rather disreputable following.

“I think Thrust Nightclub echoes the beliefs of the online community,” said Nathan Collins, a 36-year-old loser wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. “We don’t hate gay people. We just think that they ought to know their place.”

Collins, carrying a Pepe the Frog sign and wearing a cape, took a rare trip out of the house last night to attend a small get-together at the nightclub as it premiered its latest re-branding.

Tibbet hosted the event as his controversial new drag alter-ego, Eva Brawn, named for Adolf Hitler’s late companion and Tibbet’s own muscular physique.

“Ladies, gentlemen and those in between,” she began, “feast your eyes on the new symbol of Thrust!”

She pulled the drawstring and the curtain collapsed, revealing a sparkling swastika encased in a lavender circle.

As horrified gasps filled the room, Brawn turned to admire the symbol, her kerchief-stuffed chest swollen with pride.

“After all, what is love without a little bit of hate?”

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