Fredericton man more inspired by messages on dumpsters than anything else in life

Fredericton man more inspired by messages on dumpsters than anything else in life

Fredericton — Inspiration can come from anywhere, even the trash, according to capital city man Kyle Versloot, 41.

Versloot, an employee of President’s Choice Financial call centre in King’s Place, said he walks by some very motivational FERO dumpsters every afternoon on his way to work.

“FERO’s messaging is just so positive, and sometimes it feels like they were written just for me. Like that one that says ‘Go for it’ — could that be any more ‘Kyle’? It’s the kind of encouragement my mom doesn’t even give me. Who cares what the source is?”

Versloot claims the last time he received any validation not from a dumpster was at work was when he ratted out another employee for stealing an extra two minutes for her lunch break.

“Management loved me for that… but it was like 4 years ago, and they haven’t encouraged me at all since then. Thank god I have those dumpsters or I don’t know if I could go on.”

While Frederictonians don’t want to admit it, most residents find the dumpsters’ phrases oddly heartening.

“When I’m taking out the trash at the apartment, even if it’s a rainy Monday, I always feel a bit better when I see ‘Smile,’ or ‘Have a good day’ or ‘Be happy’ written in those bold white letters,” confessed Kylie Norton, 24. “It just gives me hope. I can’t explain it.”

Fran Somerville, 56, said she actually owes her life to a FERO dumpster.

“At my old place one of the dumpsters said ‘Safety First,’ and initially I didn’t think anything of it, but then one day I walked outside, saw it, and was reminded to buckle up before I drove off to work,” recalled Somerville. “Well, wouldn’t you know it, I got in an accident that day! If I hadn’t remembered to put safety first, I wouldn’t be here to tell you about it. Thank the lord for those motivational garbage receptacles!”

As for Versloot, he said he hopes the city or “whoever puts those dumpsters where they are” keeps up the good work.

“It’s my main reason to get up in the morning, if I’m being honest,” he confided. “I have no kids, no wife, and my bosses are jerks, but those dumpsters have always got my back.”

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