Fredericton man positive P.K. Subban was trying to injure Mark Stone

Fredericton — Was P.K. Subban’s slash on rookie sensation Mark Stone an intentional attempt to injure, or simply an inaccurate swat toward his stick? That’s a question that’s been burning through much of the country since game 1 on the Stanley Cup playoff series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators Thursday night in Montreal. Rodney McInnis of Fredericton’s south side insists he knows for a fact that Subban was trying to put Stone out of the game and hopefully the series.

“Look at the facts!” he argued vehemently. “There is clear, undisputed evidence that he’s trying to hurt him. He’s a dirty player — always has been and always will be. I’ve seen all the highlights of when he’s done something controversial and have read all of the articles about how vicious of a player he is; I know P.K, and I know this was a malicious attacks against a defenseless young man.”

Video of the slash can be seen below:

Brad McGraw of the north side of Fredericton couldn’t disagree more. “My boy P.K. would never do anything to go against the integrity of the game,” he argued. “He’s a good, wholesome fellow who values the safety of his peers and competitors. That’s not what our team is about,” he said as if he was in fact part of the Canadiens’ organization, which he is not. “We’re a hardworking, clean team. I think it’s Stone’s fault for thinking it was fine to go to the front of the net like that. What did he think would happen — we’d just let him stand there in front of Carey and let him score? That’s not how we roll in Montreal.”

When our reporter read McInnis’s quote to McGraw this weekend, he immediately looked McInnis’s profile up on Facebook and messaged him. The message read as follows:

“Dear Mr. Cry Baby: Why don’t you stop making excuses for your team’s suckiness and be a big boy? P.K. is a good man, and just because Mark Stone doesn’t know how to keep his wrist from breaking doesn’t mean it’s P.K.’s fault. Mark Stone should be the sorry one, and so should you. I expect you to take back your mean comments about my boy Subban, or I’ll make you sorry — that’s a promise.”

McInnis was quick to respond to the Facebook message last night with a public post in which he tagged McGraw:

“So, Bradly McGraw wants to make me sorry for my comments against that poor excuse of a hockey player, P.K. Slashbann. Bring it on! No hockey sticks allowed, though.”

Early this morning our reporter caught up with McGraw, who was sporting a freshly blackened eye. “You should see the other guy,” he suggested with a smile on his busted lip. “I’ll always go to bat for my teammates — I’ve got P.K.’s back!”


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