Fredericton’s former ‘sexiest building’ getting lost in the shadow

Fredericton’s former ‘sexiest building’ getting lost in the shadow

Fredericton — A recent CBC article proclaiming the new blue building at 140 Carleton St. as Fredericton’s “sexiest building” has ruffled feathers at city hall, which up until now held this unofficial claim to fame.

“Clearly, this was not put to a vote, and I know something about winning votes,” said Mayor Mike O’Brien. “Let the people have their say, and we are confident that we will once again be known as Fredericton’s sexiest building. I mean, there is nothing phallic about that other building’s structure at all!”

Never one to take a challenge sitting down, Mayor O’Brien is working closely with councillors to rally public support for the reclaiming of city hall’s rightful title, and events are already being planned:

  • Bare It All at City Hall: a public gathering to share deep insights into building sexiness and other unusual — and and questionable — subjects;
  • Appreciating Your Clock Tower: this may have been a typo;
  • Park It in the Rear: a visitors’ guide on where to park to visit this majestic beast. A secondary session, “Giving It Away for Free,” is also in the works.

Mayor O’Brien will release a schedule once staff finish giving the older building an ill-advised facelift.

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