Gallant ‘super stoked’ to hang with Prime Minister Trudeau in Caraquet Monday

Gallant ‘super stoked’ to hang with Prime Minister Trudeau in Caraquet Monday

Caraquet — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be enjoying the festivities of National Acadian Day in Caraquet and the New Brunswick premier “wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Celebrations are happening all across the province today and Trudeau is scheduled to speak in the Acadian town at 5 p.m. after spending the majority of the day with Gallant discussing “all kinds of cool things they could do together,” according to Gallant’s aide.

“This is a great chance for us to crack some beers and get to know each other better,” gleamed an obviously super-excited Gallant. “I don’t think he knows the real Brian, ya know? All he sees is the stupid facts they put in the news about our province’s poor economic state and how I haven’t really done anything about it.”

Gallant said he plans on using his time with the prime minster to discuss the things they may have in common and things they could maybe plan on doing together, rather than on ways to help population retention, combat the province’s ever-growing debt, or even celebrate Acadian Day. “We could talk about those things over emails or summits or something,” Gallant explained. “We’ve got some great one-on-one time right now and you can’t buy that — trust me, I’ve tried.”

The premier said he intends to show the prime minister all of the Pokémon he’s caught over the past few weeks as well, in hopes that Trudeau sees in him the dedication he has when he sets his mind to something. “I’ve almost caught them all,” bragged Gallant. “If he knows how hard I’ve worked on this, he’ll understand what a good guy I am to have around.”

Trudeau didn’t seem too keen on his afternoon plans with Gallant. “He sent me a rough itinerary which included mini-golf, a couples’ massage and a private ice-cream social for just the two of us,” he said. “I was really hoping to just walk around shirtless and talk to the people here.”

When asked what his plans were after his speech in Caraquet tonight, Trudeau said that he wasn’t completely sure, but had to think of something quick before Gallant invites him for another sleepover.

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