Girl struggles to come up with perfect adjectives for Facebook post about sister’s birthday

Girl struggles to come up with perfect adjectives for Facebook post about sister’s birthday

Fredericton — Today is Brianna Stapleford’s twenty-second birthday, and her sister Kylie, 24, is struggling to convey how wonderful her little sis truly is in one gushy Facebook post.

The Fredericton siblings are as close as can be, which means they frequently go out to wine night at McGinnis Landing, taking selfies and sharing them on Instagram. This morning, Kylie dug up one of these selfies in which she and Bri look particularly hot, and began typing up an effusive Facebook post to accompany it — something that could really sum up her sister’s greatness.

“I already used ‘genuine,’ ‘kind,’ ‘smart’ and ‘silly’ — but that doesn’t really cover the ways in which this beautiful 22-year-old is funny and unique. Oh right, I forgot ‘beautiful’ and ‘funny’ and ‘unique’!” exclaimed Kylie while typing furiously.

“Last year I said she was ‘amazing’ and ‘creative,’ so I don’t really want to use those again if I can help it. They’re on the backburner, though.”

Kylie said she debated whether to use the meaningless phrase “Love you to the moon and back,” eventually opting out because it has become a cliché. “I’ve seen it posted so much lately that it’s kind of turned generic, and of course Bri is anything but! I’ll just tell her in a private message.”

As Kylie continued to type, her thoughts about her sister began to congeal into a thing of beauty, depth and originality.

“She may be my lil sis, but people who know us well know that she’s actually really the big sis in a lot of ways, lol,” wrote the elder Stapleford. “Words can’t express how proud I am of the wise, strong woman that my sister has become. Through thick and thin, I’ll be there for you as you’re there for me. Love ya, girl.”

When the post was nearly finished, Kylie claimed there was still something missing before she could tag her sister in it and await the dozens of ego-boosting “likes” that would surely follow.

“I just feel like this isn’t enough. There literally aren’t enough words to explain how giving, tolerant, open-minded, cute, fun, adorable, sassy, bold, vivacious, hard-working, intriguing, surprising, empowered, quirky, sweet, mature and pretty this girl is. She’s beautiful and strong, too. Did I use those already? Can you help me out here?”

Stapleford added that she has decided to reuse the same adjectives in a different order for her best friend’s birthday next week.

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