‘Harvey Jazz & Blues’ set to rival Fredericton festival

‘Harvey Jazz & Blues’ set to rival Fredericton festival

Harvey — The small village of Harvey, in York County, N.B., is preparing to host some amazing jazz and blues acts this month, at the very same time as the capital city holds its famous Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival.

“Harvey may not be as ‘happening’ as Fredericton, but we think we can pull off a bigger and better festival — with way more jazz and blues acts, might I add,” said festival organizer Hannah Davidson. “I mean, does Harvest even have jazz anymore? Or blues? I think it’s mostly just indie and folk bands these days.

“If that’s what you’re after, then by all means stay in town for the Harvest festival. But if you want authentic jazz and blues, then come to Harvey from September 10th to 15th. It’s gonna be a great time!”

Davidson said that at just half the price, Harvey Festival Passes will keep the new event competitive with Fredericton’s.

“Let’s face it — the prices are nuts. You shouldn’t have to sneak into a tent or hope your friend gets sick and has to sell their tickets on Facebook at a discounted rate. Jazz and blues music should be accessible to everyone.”

Harvey locals are thrilled to see their village on the musical map.

“Me and some buddies have a little blues band,” said Brian Ingersoll, longtime Harvey resident, “but we kept getting turned down from playing at Harvest because they needed more stage time for their many rock, swing, funk and whatever else kind of acts they have lined up. But we get to play each night of the Harvey fest — it’s gonna be wicked!”

Instead of outrageously priced Moosehead beers, Harvey Jazz & Blues is sponsored by Off Grid Ales and Think Brewing.

“We thought we could justify serving good beer from right here in Harvey at its normal price, because we’re really saving money on festival workers,” said Davidson. “We managed to poach most of the volunteers from Harvest by offering to let them camp in my backyard for free.

“And instead of wasting money on branding, we’re using old banners, signs and T-shirts from past Harvest festivals — just crossing out the ‘ST’ with a Sharpie and writing in ‘Y’ over it. It’s really not that hard to pull off a kick-ass festival if you cut a few corners and think outside the box.”

Food trucks, buskers, an impressive roster of performers from around the world — what’s not to love?

“I’ll tell ya what’s not to love!” cried Frederictonian Richard Allen. “I already bought my expensive Harvest passes, but now I wanna go to the Harvey one! When were you guys planning on mentioning this?”

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