Health Canada recalls grass sold as cannabis in NB

Health Canada recalls grass sold as cannabis in NB

New Brunswick — Health Canada has issued a recall on all cannabis products sold in Cannabis NB stores since Jan. 1, 2019. The recall notice comes just days after a recall on mislabelled cannabis oil products in New Brunswick.

According to Health Canada, Cannabis NB mistakenly ordered their product from a lawncare company that specializes in growing and transplanting grass. Cannabis NB then packaged the grass themselves because they were so desperate to keep their stores stocked.

“We kind of messed up, and this time is even worse than when we first launched and didn’t stock enough product,” admitted Cannabis NB spokesperson Wanda Kerr.

“It turns out that the ‘grass’ we were sold was literally grass. Like the green stuff that grows out of the earth. We thought the company we were buying it from was using slang since no big company wants to just say they sell weed, but nope, it’s actually simple grass.”

The vendor, Ontario-based Grassigram Inc., claims they made it very clear what they were selling, but the staff at Cannabis NB seemed willfully ignorant.

“I don’t know how many times we told the Cannabis NB folks ‘this isn’t weed, it’s grass!’, and they kept saying ‘oh yeah, we get it, totally, you sell some fine grass,'” said Grassigram owner Tim Ferguson.

“You could practically hear them winking over the phone. But at the end of they day they wanted our product, and we’re a business, so we sold it to them. But I would not advise you to smoke, eat, or ingest the grass in any way.”

Apparently many New Brunswickers didn’t notice an issue with their purchased products, and don’t intend on returning the grass or throwing it away.

“Honestly, it’s better than the usual crap that Cannabis NB passes for weed, so I’m just going to keep using this grass,” said local stoner Samantha Davis.

“My dealer’s pot also sucks, and the pretentious people I try to impress by smoking this with would pretend they think it’s amazing anyway. There’s no real downside here.”

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