Heat wave to hit NB Sunday

Saint John – New Brunswickers may be reinstalling their air conditioners and stocking up on ice-cold drinks on Sunday, when temperatures are expected to skyrocket to 34 degrees Celsius, or 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

The weather advisory issued by Environment Canada covers most of the Picture Province.

The early November heat wave is being blamed on a high pressure system that will pass south of Quebec on the weekend, and on climate change caused by excessive use of barbecues this summer.

bbqThe Manatee caught up with Saint John resident Ken Moores this morning as he was at Giant Tiger buying discounted lawn chairs and pool noodles. “Man, I dunno about everyone else, but I’m a huge fan of global warming so far,” he said, wiping droplets of phantom sweat from his forehead. “I’ll be heading to Parlee if the traffic’s not too crazy.”

The special Environment Canada report states: “The intense, sauna-like heat is expected to start as an unseasonably muggy Saturday evening. As warmth develops Saturday night and Sunday brings blazing temperatures, some parts of New Brunswick could see plants withering, residents banging down gates at closed outdoor pools, and multiple cases of people quipping ‘She’s a hot one, ain’t she?’ at unsuspecting passersby.”

The advisory does not say how long the heat wave will last, but experts are speculating that instead of a “white Christmas,” we may be in line for a “seasonal scorcher.”

New Brunswick residents are advised to seek out shade where possible, and to avoid leaving pets in hot cars.

  1. Thank god we’re not getting snow!

  2. I wish. Especially tortuous when the season’s first big snowstorm could happen. It was cathartic somehow though. Good writing, more likely though that I’ll be having spice ale by the wood stove.


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