Heroin dealer, Deluxe French Fries only retailers still open at Brunswick Square

Heroin dealer, Deluxe French Fries only retailers still open at Brunswick Square

Saint John — It would be a hard sell to say that Brunswick Square, the central pillar of uptown Saint John’s business district, is as good as it ever was.

The past three years have seen a number of stores at the location go under, including Starbucks, Lolë, APOUS, L’il Shop of Science, Kadam, Pseudio, Je Suis Prest, and Colwell’s. Luggage seller Bentley has announced that they will soon follow in February 2020. 

After this most recent string of closures, the only two business remaining at the mall are a Deluxe French Fries, and the local heroin dealer that hangs out by the bathroom.

“We try not to think of it as a failure of our business, but rather an opportunity for growth,” said the mall’s business manager Alec Hefferton. “Just think of all the wonderful businesses that could fill these empty spaces.”

He gestured proudly toward the abandoned storefronts. A mouse scurried across the floor.

“There we could put an H&M,” he said, pointing. “Oh, and over there might someday be a Tiffany’s, or a Build-A-Bear or hell, even a new Disney theme park! Isn’t it fun to imagine? I could do this all day!”

To make matters worse, neither of the remaining businesses are satisfied sharing the space with the other. In fact, one has even filed a police complaint calling for the removal of the other.

“I can’t believe the authorities have allowed them to sell that awful stuff for so long,” said Greg Charlton, the aforementioned heroin dealer. “I mean, Deluxe…that stuff will kill you.”

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