IT professional really should have been a marine biologist

Moncton – Casual small talk about a recent episode of The Nature of Things with David Suzuki was transformed into an awkward confession of unfulfilled dreams in a local office building Thursday afternoon.

“Watching those beluga whales swim around was the happiest I’ve been in 15 years, I swear to God. They’re so free,” area CIPS member and network administrator John McPhee remarked to no one in particular. “What if I wasted my life?” he continued, as he and a group of co-workers returned from lunch at the Tide & Boar.

McPhee’s colleagues nodded politely but refused to make eye contact as the awkward situation escalated. “I loved that bio course I took in first year. I even thought about switching out of comp sci and doing that full time. Why didn’t I do it?” McPhee lamented that perhaps he, personally, could be doing something to alleviate the effects of climate change on Arctic marine mammals if only he’d followed his heart. “But now I’ve got a family to feed,” he sighed as he exited the elevator.

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