Listicle: 5 ways New Brunswickers can spend their UCCB cheque

New Brunswick — Starting Monday, New Brunswick families with children under the age of 18 can expect some pretty sizable cheques to arrive in their mailboxes thanks to Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.

Canada’s Universal Child Care Benefit is increasing from $100 a month per child to $160 for every child under the age of 6. The new plan also gives parents an extra $60 per month for every child aged 6 to 17, whereas previously parents received no money for children in this age range. The increases will be retroactive to Jan. 1, 2015, so eligible parents will see big lump sums paid beginning this week.

The Manatee has compiled a list of 5 ways New Brunswick parents should plan on spending their incoming bonus.


Plan a non-family vacation: Leave the kids at home and head somewhere tropical like PEI — Sandspit and Shining Waters are way more fun without having to push along a stroller filled with towels, life jackets and packed lunches.

2: Phone upgrades: Toss that iPhone 4 to your kids and splurge on the newest and coolest device to help distract you from your kids and any life around you. It’s a win-win — you get something to spice up your mundane life as a parent, and your kids get your old phone to entertain them like you never do.

3: Party like it’s 1999: Stop by your local NB Liquor agency, dust off your Spice Girls CDs and get the karaoke machine ready because you’re throwing a party and it’s going to be epic. It’s time to send the kids to Grandma’s house and invite everyone you know to your place for a lavish night propelled by Alpine and Jägerbombs.

4: Double-down on 11: Book a suite at New Brunswick’s finest (and only) casino in Moncton. Double-down on 11 while playing blackjack, go all-in in the upstairs poker room, put $100 on black while watching the ball roll freely on the roulette table, order some top-quality room service and leave all your cares behind –you’ve earned this.

5: Buy all the Lotto Max and 649 tickets you can: What’s better than a cheque for $1,500? That’s easy — a giant-sized novelty cheque for $55 million.

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