Local woman unsure if this a date or just catching up

Local woman unsure if this a date or just catching up

Moncton — A Moncton woman left Pump House brewpub Saturday night unsure whether she had been on a date or just catching up with an old friend.

“I’m not against it being a date. I guess I kind of like him. Wait, do I? I don’t know,” Amanda Albert said, scratching her head.

According to reports, Alex Henderson, 28, moved home to Moncton after working in Toronto for 3 years. “Back in town … FOR GOOD!!” he told friends via Facebook.

The meeting occurred after Albert liked the Facebook status. She promptly received a private message from Henderson. “He said let’s grab a drink. I said sure,” Albert recalled. “Do you think I look OK? I probably should have dressed up a bit more. But if he just wanted to catch up, that’s cool too. I think my little brother dated his sister for a while. So would it be weird if we dated?”

Albert continued to ask rhetorical questions for 15 minutes, occasionally interrupting herself, saying things like: “Never mind, this is stupid. He probably just wanted to catch up.”

Albert said Henderson is free to make a move if he’s into it, but if not, that’s OK.

  1. Can we have more satire please, Manatee?


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