Man shuts door right in woman’s goddamned face

Man shuts door right in woman’s goddamned face

Quispamsis — A disturbing event took place in the early morning hours at the Quispamsis Village Place GoodLife gym. Twenty-three-year-old Amber Porter was preparing to enter the building for her morning spin class, when an unidentified man failed to hold the door open for her, causing it to close right in her face. While she emerged from the ordeal unharmed physically, the resulting anger and disappointment likely will take a several minutes to completely forget.

Around 5:30 a.m., Porter was walking toward the GoodLife a few steps behind a man wearing Beats headphones. As the man approached the double-door gym entry, he opened the glass-paned door just wide enough for him to get through and then released the door without looking backward. The door rapidly swung closed, leaving Porter outside in the frigid morning air with the door’s pane of glass just inches from her face.

“That jerk-face just let the door go without a backwards glance or a second thought. I can’t even!” fumed Porter. “Right in my effin’ face like I wasn’t even there! It’s more than just bad manners, it’s goddamned un-Canadian! If you’re going to walk around wearing headphones, you need to check if someone is behind you before you just let go of a door!”

After the door was swung shut in her face, Porter subsequently attempted to slam the door open forcefully enough to express her displeasure with the stranger’s ostensible lack of manners. In doing so, she pushed the door so hard that it sprung back and threw her off-balance. “I almost tripped and fell! I mean, seriously!” she said.

Just as Porter regained her footing and composure in the vestibule, she turned to the second set of glass doors just in time for the same man to let that door swing shut in her face as well. “I could not believe that it just happened to me a second time! I was stunned, honestly. I just stood there speechless. Like, dude — holy frickin’ hell! The nerve! So rude!”

Porter recounted that next she stormed through the second door, and that she caught the eye of the purported offending party. “He did say something like, ‘Oh, I didn’t see you, sorry about that. I’m not really awake yet,’ or whatever, but I was already upset by that point. I mean it totally shut right in my face and everything. Screw his sorry! I laughed and said, ‘Oh, ha ha, no problem,’ but really I was totally peeved for a good few minutes.”

Amazingly, Porter had another door-related incident while leaving. “I saw someone approaching the door, so I held it open for her. She was about 14 feet away, and started to awkwardly jog-walk hurriedly towards the door. I said, ‘Oh no, don’t rush!’ but she did anyways. She zipped through the open door without a word and went directly into the building. No ‘thank you’ or anything! Just before she was out of earshot, I loudly said, ‘You’re welcome!’

“Jeez, some people have no manners. Next time I’ll let it close right in her stupid face.”

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