Man successfully discredits own opinions by writing ‘should of’

Man successfully discredits own opinions by writing ‘should of’

Fredericton — A capital city man was making a good point for a second there, until he wrapped it up by saying someone “should of” done something.

“He had me thinking he was super smart, then I saw that he writes ‘of’ instead of ‘have.’ It’s not like he commented that he ‘seen’ an article affirming his beliefs, but still, that’s pretty bad,” said Mary-Beth Taylor, who had been following a thread on CBC where Jeff Drisdale, the man in question, had been replying to comments on an article about the unseasonably warm weather causing problems for New Brunswick ski hills.

“He seemed so abnormally coherent for a CBC commenter,” Taylor continued, “then it all kind of made sense at the end. The ‘should of’ sealed his fate.”

Our reporter found the offending comment.

“Ski hills in New Brunswick are businesses, contending with the same tight margins as any brick-and-mortar establishment. Unfortunately, for these resorts, the weather plays a huge role in the economics, and as we all know, weather is unpredictable. However, global warming is following a somewhat predictable trend. Sugarloaf, Crabbe, Mont Farlagne — they all should of prepared for this in advance. Climate change is real, and whether we like it or not, warming temperatures are the new reality,” wrote Drisdale. “The owners really should of factored this into their respective operational plans.”

“Wow, he typed ‘should of’ twice. That’s how you know it’s no accident, and he really believes that’s how it’s written,” said regular reader Ron Harmond. “He had me on the hook there for a second. I thought I’d stumbled upon the most intelligent person who had ever wasted their precious time looking at comments on the internet. But nope — false alarm.”

Our reporter emailed Drisdale in an effort to confirm once and for all that the “should of” was definitely, for sure what he meant to write.

“Damn, that article was published quite a while ago,” he replied. “If you would of contacted me earlier I’d of had more to say, but I can’t even remember my comment!”

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