Manatee Radio to accept song requests by donation over the holidays

Manatee Radio to accept song requests by donation over the holidays

Fredericton — As a Christmas gift to you, our audience, The Manatee has been working hard over the past few months and are excited to announce the launch of a new radio station to contribute to the already saturated and garbo Fredericton radio market.

In conjunction with the launch, we are also excited to announce a fundraising campaign that will see a substantial financial contribution given back to the community in the form of cat cafés. That is, of course, after Higgs and Trudeau take their cut and we pocket enough money to request a constant loop of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on CBC Radio during their Feed a Family campaign.

This exciting initiative will see Manatee Radio accepting donations in exchange for song requests for the remainder of the holiday season, which, according to the Christmas lights on our office neighbours’ windows, runs through to July. Listeners will have the unique privilege of donating $1,000 and in return will get to hear the most popular Christmas songs on radio today, including chart-toppers from Jenny McCarthy, your cousin’s daughter’s “talented” church youth choir, as well as the “must-plays” from NSYNC and Britney.

With the expected popularity of the offer, we want to make it perfectly clear that not all song requests will be honoured; however, your generous $1,000 donation is non-refundable.

“We expect extreme interest in the new station, as most new Frederiction-area stations would, so we can’t possibly commit to honouring all requests,” said morning show host Drevor Toyle. “Also, any donation requests for Mariah Carey will be accepted, and then ignored.”

Interested in making a donation and request? Send an e-transfer with your song request in the comments to Happy listening!

  1. I’m honoured! A new career high for me Manatee.
    Love it! Well done!…


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