McAdam resorting to paying people to move in

McAdam resorting to paying people to move in

McAdam — The village of McAdam attracted lots of attention recently after announcing that they were selling plots of land for $1 in an effort to attract new residents and stimulate the local economy.

But after nearly two weeks of publicity, McAdam, with a population of around 1,100, was unable to trick anyone into moving into the area. The village is now offering $2,500 to anyone who is willing to accept a plot of land and build a home there within two years.

“We thought for sure that the $1 land would convince some city slickers looking for a cheap land investment, but the common response we got was ‘You couldn’t pay me to move to McAdam,’ said mayor Ken Stannix.

“Well, that got us folks at village council to thinking…Maybe we could pay people to live here. So everyone in town chipped in to a fund so we could afford to incentivize some city suckers, er, investors.”

The new offer, while low for anyone intending to build a new home, has attracted a couple offers already.

“As soon as I heard they was payin’, I said sure, I’ll move there,” said Russell Fenton, a 42-year-old journeyman plumber.

“I’m not building a home though, hell no. I’m moving my trailer onto the land I get. I already own the trailer, but right now I have to pay rent at the Hanwell trailer park in Fredericton. Soon I won’t be paying any rent, and I’ll be $2,500 richer! Suckers.”

The mayor is aware of Fenton’s plans, but has no qualms about the trailer idea.

“Well, Russell and his ilk will still have to gas up here, buy eggs at the store, purchase a late night six-pack,” explained Mayor Stannix.

“So as far as I’m concerned, he’s the sucker. He’ll still be pumping money into our economy in the long run, and our population count gets to rise a little bit.”

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