Mentally drained Bell employees forced to give ‘Let’s Talk’ school presentations

Mentally drained Bell employees forced to give ‘Let’s Talk’ school presentations

Moncton — The Bell Let’s Talk campaign tried spreading its communal message of openness and acceptance to local schools last Wednesday. The tense presenters, who moonlight as call-centre workers, have drawn attention to the practices and “motivations” their superiors employ.

“I was informed that if I didn’t nail the mental health presentations I would be tasked with forcing the new Fibe bundle on customers from their senile list,” one employee told us. “Last week I talked the Arbeaus from Doaktown into a third home phone.”

Bell’s in-house procedures also contribute to a high-strung workplace. “All the problems begin in our cubicles. The quotas are impossible to meet, and they demand we push worthless products,” the employee explained. “Management has a betting pool on who will crack under the pressure first.”

The presentations covered a variety of topics with how to cope and start a conversation about mental health. 

“I asked my shift manger to talk about how I was anxious and tired from working 22 hours straight, and he told me to shut up in front of the kids. Halfway through the presentation on self-confidence, I had a panic attack in front of Ms. Mitton’s third-grade English class,” said one presenter.

The presenter continued to explain how employee complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

“I sent our human resources three texts voicing my concern, which so far they’ve ignored. But at least I raised 15 cents for the campaign, right?”

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