Millennial competing against his retired dad for same shit job

Millennial competing against his retired dad for same shit job

Moncton — Local dad Ralph Jardine, 61, is trying to re-enter the workforce after a rewarding and profitable career as an engineer.

“I don’t need the money,” he confessed, “but since retiring last year I’m feeling more than a little stir-crazy. I gotta get outta the house. I’m not one for hobbies so the easiest thing is just to start working again. It’s unfortunate that the only available job is the one Tom’s got his eye on, but it is what it is.”

The job in question is as a part-time drive-thru worker at the Tim Hortons on St George Boulevard.

Jardine’s son Tom, 28, had been applying for jobs in the Hub City for the last several months, to no avail. He stumbled upon the Tim Hortons posting last week on CareerBeacon.

“I’m not looking for anything amazing — it doesn’t even have to be in my field,” said Tom, who studied biology at Université de Moncton. “I just need something. I can’t afford my rent, student loans, my power bills. So yeah, looks like Tim Hortons is my last resort.”

The Jardine men took part in a group interview this morning for the position.

“It was pretty embarrassing,” said Tom. “Any time I’d answer a question, Dad would interrupt and cite some childhood story or example that contradicted what I was saying. So like, they asked what my best quality is, and I said that I’m very punctual. Dad raised his eyebrows and said, ‘Huh, that’s not what your mother and I have seen from you. You slept in till noon yesterday!’ So then they called on him to answer instead. Ugh.”

The elder Jardine denies that he was trying to ruin his son’s chances at the job.

“I was just being truthful, and isn’t honesty always the best policy? Tom’s young, he can bounce back. I need this — just a little something to tide me over till the Olympics is back on TV.”

Tom says that the job only pays minimum wage, something his father will not be able to get used to.

“Pretty sure he started out back in the ’80s at like 70 grand a year with a whole staff working under him. Now he’s going to work part-time for minimum wage with a bunch of teenagers? We’ll see how long that lasts.”

By press time, both Jardines were informed that they did not get the job.

“Well, I’d say that’s because of Tom’s obviously poor work ethic,” reasoned Ralph with a shrug. “And that in turn reflected poorly on me. Ah well — next time. May the best man win!”

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