White Skittles™ popular with N.B. white pride groups

White Skittles™ popular with N.B. white pride groups

Chipman — In yet another obvious attempt by large corporations to capitalize on social movements, Skittles once again changed their colourful candy and bags to be completely white, claiming that they’re “giving the rainbow back” to the LBTQ+ community.

But in Chipman, New Brunswick, the Skittles took on a more sinister meaning this year.

The small town gained international attention in 2018 when one of its residents raised a “straight pride” flag after Pride Month. The flag became a beacon for bigots everywhere that the town was open to all beliefs, no matter how antiquated.

“I’m glad Skittles is finally doing right by us and giving us a candy to support,” said 400-pound racist Ken Billing. “When I eat food I like to know that my calories are coming from a cause I can stand behind, like white supremacy.”

Others echoed Billing’s statement, expressing that until now, the only racist candy they could eat in good conscience was licorice babies.

“It’s about time a company just flat-out puts their beliefs out there and stands by them, damn the consequences,” said Tara MacArnold. “I’m buying as many White Skittles as I can to hand them out at Halloween with cute little info packages on why I believe that my race is the only one that should exist. Kids will love them!”

Skittles was quick to respond to the social media backlash from the many people pointing out that White Skittles could easily be taken to represent white pride. The Manatee reached out to a Skittles spokesperson for comment.

“This was not our intention, and any claims that Skittles™ is trying to promote hatred is wrong and misguided,” said Skittles rep Maria Armstrong in a canned response copy-and-pasted from their social media comments.

“We hope that anyone who feels the urge to enjoy a pack of our flavourful Skittles™ will see that the mouth-watering taste and low-calorie crunch comes from a place of love, not hate. Love — just like your love for the sweet, satisfying fruity fun-blast of Skittles™ in your mouth!”

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