Moncton announces 'bigger, longer, uncut' construction season

Moncton — The City of Moncton has announced it will soon begin repaving most of Champlain Street and sections of Mountain Road. The decision comes shortly after several businesses lodged complaints against the city, claiming losses of tens of thousands in revenue during construction the previous season. The joint complaint cites “poor planning and deliberate blockades” as reasons why customers could not access their businesses.

constructionCafé Archibald owner Stevie McLean told The Manatee this morning that he felt the city has something against him. “Sure, I divorced the mayor’s sister and kept the cat. That was about 3 weeks before the construction started last year,” he said. “Now, I complain about the construction and suddenly there’s going to be more? And such a flimsy excuse for it, too … something about remodelling the street to better fit its new name: ‘Maikat.'”

When asked about the construction, Mayor George LeBlanc was very open. “Of course this is about stifling whiny businesses and exerting our power over them,” he explained. “We’ve torn up the same section of Champlain 3 years in a row — there are other streets that need the work much more, and other areas we could better spend the tax dollars. There is no safety reason to repave that road every year: we know it, you know it, the businesses know it. We could also get the work done much quicker and make things easier for shoppers and commuters, but that doesn’t really get the point across, ya know?”

A high-ranking employees from the city’s maintenance department was asked exactly how much construction commuters could expect during 2015. “As much is needed to shut up those loud-mouthed Irish down at the Old Triangle,” he exclaimed. “Don’t think we won’t tear up Main Street — we’ll do it. Just see if we don’t!”

Many local businesses have signed a petition that began making the rounds just a few short days ago, after the announcement was made. Worries began after the city had started an earlier-than-usual construction season after a water main had broken between Cameron and Weldon.

As winter 2014-2015 drags on and another year of watching construction workers pretend to work fast approaches, Monctonians can expect their morning commute to take at least an hour longer than usual.

  1. “Café Archibald owner Stevie McLean”

    There’s no way that a French cafe would be owned by a Scotsman. That’s just not how things are done in Moncton. He’s not French. 😉


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