Moncton mayor kicked out of Big City Mayors' summit, hosts ‘way funner’ summit of his own

Moncton — After reportedly showing up uninvited to a summit of the country’s big city mayors held in Toronto Thursday and being asked to leave shortly after, Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc — along with several other mayors rejected from the summit — decided to have a meeting of their own, which sources say went late into the evening and was “a super fun time.”

While in Toronto, LeBlanc was said to have somehow gotten past security at the St. Andrews Club and Conference Centre where the summit was being held, only to draw attention to himself after attempting to fit in with the other mayors.

“He actually came up to me and asked if I would be in a selfie with him,” said Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. “I was like ‘Who are you?’ and he’s like ‘I’m the mayor of Moncton.’ And I’m like: ‘Gross, who invited you here?’ … Turns out NO ONE … ugh, God, what a loser.”

LeBlancRumour quickly spread about the summit-crashing Moncton mayor and security removed him from the building just before he could sneak into a group photo shoot of the mayors who were actually asked to attend.

“It was like the most humiliating thing ever,” said LeBlanc. “They all laughed at me as I was being led out. I didn’t see what the big deal was; they invited the Kitchener mayor. I mean, what’s so cool about Kitchener?”

LeBlanc said he spent the next 20 minutes sitting on the steps outside the conference centre feeling sorry for himself until he received a hand on his shoulder from Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside.

“Woodside was like ‘Wouldn’t let you in either, huh?’” said LeBlanc. “And I was like ‘Yeah.’ So we talked for a bit and then Tillsonburg’s mayor showed up, and the mayor of Moose Jaw and Truro and Chilliwack and a bunch others, and none of them were allowed in either. So I was like ‘Let’s go to my city and we’ll have our own mayors’ summit. It’ll be awesome! We can get pizza and drinks and maybe watch a scary movie and just talk about whatever!’”

LeBlanc said the mayors all enthusiastically agreed and caught the very next flight to Moncton. He said they held the summit at the Holiday Inn off Mountain Road in 2 adjoining hotel rooms, where they discussed issues such as Hollywood heartthrobs, their first kiss and how phoney and stupid big-city mayors are.

During a game of Truth or Dare, Tillsonburg Mayor Stephen Molnar admitted he had a crush on the hotel receptionist. With overwhelming encouragement from the other mayors in the room, Molnar called the receptionist and asked her on a date. LeBlanc said he and the other mayors were all trying to contain their excited giggles as Molnar spoke with the woman, but that all stopped when they saw the shocked, saddened look on his face and they realized the receptionist had turned him down.

“Things went a little downhill after that,” said LeBlanc. “Molnar started to cry and the mayor of Truro started puking after drinking too much peach schnapps. We all got a little down and talked about our feelings for a while.” However, LeBlanc said after a few tears and a warm group hug, the mayors got back to business, again singing loudly along to Katy Perry songs and dancing around the room.

“We all agreed it was the best time ever!” exclaimed LeBlanc. “We’re all like totally best friends now and we’re definitely doing it again next year.” Adding, “We don’t need those stupid, snot-nosed big-shot mayors — we can have our own good time.”

  1. It all worked out perfectly. Those big city mayors got bored, and decided to come to Moncton to drive on the train through the snow banks. We had a great time. The next big city mayors meeting will be in Moncton.


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