Moncton Mayor LeBlanc refuses to take off sombrero after 'life-changing' Mexican resort vacation

Moncton — Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc and his family have recently returned home from a week-long, all-inclusive vacation in Cancun, Mexico. The mayoral family had plenty of time to relax and to enjoy local activities during March Break, but the time off had unexpected side-effects once they returned to the Hub City.

Eyewitnesses say that Mayor LeBlanc really took a liking to Mexican culture and to the staff at the hotel where he stayed; unfortunately, this has manifested as racial overtones that would give Speedy Gonzalez a run for his money. Last week, when the mayor attended a Moncton Wildcats game, he refused to remove his sombrero when they played the national anthem.

sombrero“I elbowed him in the ribs, telling him to remove his hat,” said Kathy LeBlanc, the mayor’s wife. “I kept nudging him harder and harder, telling him he was embarrassing me; I even asked him to think about his federal nomination, but all he would do is shrug his shoulders and ask me how people will know he went to Mexico if he doesn’t wear a sombrero.

“The scene itself was embarrassing, so I dropped it, but it wasn’t until we got to bed that night that I knew something was wrong. He still wouldn’t take off the hat. He’d throw together random Spanish words and kept calling himself ‘Senior LeBlanc’ and winking at me.”

“Aye! Aye! Aye! Me so tired!” the mayor announced to his staff, telling them that they would now be working 4-hour days, according to a City Hall staffer and self-proclaimed foodie. “He’s trying to implement mandatory siestas. We’ve been telling him that siestas just break up the work day — people still need to go back to work, but he won’t listen. We can’t get anything done because at noon he starts running up and down the halls yelling ‘Mexicali Rosa!’ I don’t even like Mexican food! Well … I like real Mexican food, but not this crap.”

The Manatee waited for Mayor LeBlanc early this morning just outside his office for comment. “We had a great time! Their homeless dress better and are a lot more helpful than the homeless people we have here in Moncton. They’re so polite; they don’t even stick their hand out or say anything. They just stand there looking super spiffy in their fancy suits. I would give them dollar bills and they would bring me rum instead of drinking it themselves. Mexico really has the homeless issue figured out,” enthused LeBlanc.

“I promise to all of our constituents that Moncton will make a grande effort to be a lot more like Mexico,” he stated.


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