NB man spends his ‘Alberta-money’ on two trucks on top of each other

NB man spends his ‘Alberta-money’ on two trucks on top of each other

Shediac — “Alberta-money,” the phrase New Brunswickers use to describe one’s earnings while working in the province of Alberta, has proven to be a fleeting joy for Shediac resident Terry Goguan.

Upon his return from a six-month stint working as a pipe-fitter, Goguan swung by his local Chevrolet dealership before seeing his family.

“When he pulled into the driveway, I was like whaaaat?” said his wife of two years, Terri Goguan. “I was like, ‘Terry, you’ve got to be joking.’”

Goguan contends that stacking the two trucks on top of each other increased the value of both trucks exponentially. “That was until the top truck rolled off the bed of the bottom truck,” Goguan reported.

“You see, the problem was, I left the wheels on the top truck, so when it dipped back, it sort of…” Goguan said, going on to describe the mechanics of the wheel, similar to how it was described by philosopher Hero of Alexandria nearly 2,000 years ago, and presumably by a number of early human ancestors thousands of years before that.

While Goguan admits the Alberta-money would have been better spent on mortgage payments or groceries, he maintains that his recent celebrity status proves that the purchase essentially “paid for itself.”



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