NB mom improvises after forgetting to make kid’s Halloween costume

NB mom improvises after forgetting to make kid’s Halloween costume

Saint John — Local mom Deb Boudreau told herself that 2017 would be the year she’d create an elaborate, handmade costume for her daughter to wear to school and out trick-or-treating, but with all her other priorities, she completely forgot until Halloween morning.

“Look, I had a busy weekend, and the last thing on my mind was making a costume for Kaylee,” excused Boudreau. “She wanted to go as Skye from Paw Patrol, but there was no way I could throw that together in an hour. Hopefully this is the next best thing.”

Boudreau hosted a Halloween party on Saturday night, and a friend brought a 24-pack of camo Alpine, leaving the box and two cans of beer behind. When Boudreau woke up this morning and realized young Kaylee was without a costume, she put her creativity to work.

“I jumped right outta bed, chucked the last of the beer in the fridge, and cut out some eye holes in the box. My mom always made me a costume, so I didn’t want to get my kid one of those lame store-bought ones. So, she’s going as Alpine. After all, ya gotta live here to get it.”

Boudreau said she’s so happy with how the costume turned out, she may reuse it next year, and the year after that — as long as Kaylee can still fit inside the box.

“Mmmfmmamffmmfmm,” said Kaylee from within the box.

“Oh right, that’s the best part,” laughed her mother. “I didn’t cut a mouth hole so she can’t give me any sass. She also can’t eat any candy, I s’pose, but that rots the teeth. It really is the perfect costume!”

We asked if Kaylee’s elementary school has any rules about appropriate costumes this Halloween.

“They’ve got tons of rules — mostly concerned with not offending anyone, but how could the best beer in the world be offensive? And anyway, whether or not they like it, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I’m all about asking forgiveness, not permission.”

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